IMG 6539At Horse & Nature we work with the developing and healing powers of animals and nature in many different ways.

We strongly believe in every individual's ability to find her/his own solutions. Animals can be fantastic guides, therapists, coaches and friends on the way - they never judge, seldom lie and are totally without prestige. They have a marvelous capacity for helping people to develop self-awareness and compassion.

The person you are in relation to ourself and to others - become very apparent when you are together with animals. The animals give you a clear picture on where you stand and show you new possible solutions and new approaches to old problems. The animals give you a solid foundation to stand on and to grow from.

At Horse & Nature we have long experience with working with people, animals and nature and we are very competent at what we do. On occasions we also work together with external partners with special qualifications in different areas.

In EAL and EAP sessions, workshops and retreats, Felicia Lundgren from Horse & Nature and Iben Bögeholm Folkmann from Bejouys ( works together as a team.

We are both EAGALA certified (read more about EAGALA) and have also taken their advanced course. Felicia is network coordinator for EAGALA Sweden and Iben is network coordinator for EAGALA Denmark.

Felicia is also certified as human-animal interaction facilitatior from Lerarning Animals (read more about Learning Animals), she is certified leader for the physical activities given as prescription and a mindfulness instructor. Felicia is also a student in Cognitive Scienses and is during 2015 writing on her master's thesis on cognition in horses, humans perception of horses and the difference in between. We have a small research centre on the farm, MiMER Centre, which you can read more about here:

Do you want to know more about our way of working and what we can offer you? Contact Felicia at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +46 46 532 43, +46 768 95 98 68.

EAL= Equine assisted learning, EAP= equine assisted psychoteraphy.

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 LEA LOGO CERT FULL BLUAll photos on the site is taken by Nils Lundgren and Felicia Lundgren. None of the pictures are taken during treatment or paid events, but during trainings, educational events and demonstrations.

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